Can a Narcissist Be a Buddhist?

Well that certainly would be interesting….

First, if I remember correctly there are five main rules of Buddhism….

Do not kill.
Do not steal.
Do not commit adultery.
Do not lie.
Do not use intoxicants.

Now…a narcissist can say that they are a Buddhist…they say all sorts of things…but to actually practice Buddhism…that’s a whole other story….

Buddhists believe the process of being reborn over and over is determined by the fruits of their karma—their deeds and actions—in the present life. Their deeds can help tip the balance of karma in their favor by making merit.


When you think of the word Merit, it doesn’t really go hand and hand with narcissism, does it?

Now Karma… that word definitely resonates where narcissism is concerned, but if a narcissist were a true Buddhist, then they not only would be well aware of all of their wrongdoings, but they would also know that the karma that awaits them would not exactly be good.

Basically…it’s an oxymoron. An impossibility. It’s laughable….

Again, they can certainly claim to be a Buddhist. They can claim that they were visited by aliens dressed as clowns singing showtunes, but to be a Buddhist…to practice Buddhism… it will never happen…not with a narcissist.



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Ellen M. Lerner

Ellen M. Lerner


My name is Ellen.. I have been a Singer-Songwriter most of my life...however, I wear many hats. The most important thing is that I am a survivor. And a writer.