How are narcissistic tendencies recognized?

Why it occurs

Grandiosity (pretentious self-importance) develops in people with narcissism to cope with very strong insecurity and low self-esteem. Specifically, an inflated sense of self helps them avoid these deeply rooted negative and painful feelings.

Require Constant Praise.

Despite how outwardly confident narcissists may portray themselves to be, they are actually incredibly insecure and have very fragile self-esteem.

Feeling entitled is enormous to a pwNPD.

Because they are constantly behind a mask, they have no real identity so they never really see others, instead, they view other people as extensions of themselves and only existing to serve them in some way.

Why it occurs.

Narcissists view themselves as special and different than others. This notion means they believe they deserve what they want, when they want it.

How it manifests.

A narcissist’s needs will always come first over everyone else’s, even their own children. This sign can therefore manifest in many ways, such as expecting special favors and expecting others to comply with their expectations without question.

How it manifests.

There are many ways in which a narcissist may exploit others. For instance, they may use intimidation, bullying, or demeaning behavior. They additionally may use deception and emotional manipulation to get others to do what they want.

Envy is another big one for Narcissists.

Narcissists may feel envious of others because they believe they deserve what others have but when others achieve success or accomplishments and they cannot, it serves as a reminder of what they lack and can’t actually achieve.

How it manifests.

Narcissists often project their negative feelings onto others to avoid feeling them themselves. They may accuse friends and family members of not putting them first, being selfish, being unsupportive, or being mentally ill.


A narcissist is simply unable to face who and what they truly are. They have gotten so good at portraying the part of the guy/girl who has it all together…but it couldn’t be more opposite.



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Ellen M. Lerner

Ellen M. Lerner


My name is Ellen.. I have been a Singer-Songwriter most of my life...however, I wear many hats. The most important thing is that I am a survivor. And a writer.