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The Very Best Thing that Ever Happened to Me When I could be my Authentic Self.

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This is actually a very easy answer for me…without a doubt it was/is being a songwriter. And it started from the very beginning of my life, so authenticity is all I have ever really known.

I honestly can not say if I was even conscious of what I was doing. I was so little, but I was absolutely on a mission. My Mom didn’t know what to make of it, and my Dad loved to have fun with it…

I remember sitting on the couch with him. It was after dinner. My Mom was in the kitchen talking to her friend on the phone and my Dad and I were watching a rerun of MASH.

As the end was approaching my Father asked me to “pay attention to the theme song.” I asked him “what is a theme song?” He said “it’s the music they play at the beginning and end of a television show.”

He asked me to listen and when it was over he asked me if I liked it? I did like it and he asked me to play it for him on the piano.

I was around three years old. I have never been able to read music. I couldn’t then and I still can’t. I sat down on the piano bench and played it for him.

When I was finished he said “good job! Now..how exactly did you do that?” I told him I didn’t know. He just nodded and we went back to watching tv.

I started learning different theme songs so I could learn how to play the piano better. When I decided I had learned enough, I started writing my own songs.

Every song I have ever written has been about some event that has happened to me, around me, or in a dream. Though I am a creative person, my songs are very literal. (I think.)

I was basically sharing a piece of my soul and sharing how I felt about things in a song.

I write about love, loss, regret, growth, faith and the unknown. More specifically, the ‘unknown’ was mostly about trying to figure out how this magical gift was given to me with absolutely no rhyme or reason.

It became my greatest outlet. My career. My dream and my ultimate true love. I even tried to describe how I felt about being a songwriter in a song called ‘Little Miracles.’ About being fearful of losing my ability to express myself but knowing deep down it would always come back when I needed it to.


A writer (in any form) needs to be honest or else it simply will not reach people. I think if anything, I am a bit ‘too' honest at times. I reveal a little too much and I hold nothing back.

I did this in song and I do it in life. I do not know how to be any other way.

If you would like to hear a song or two, there are some wonderful music platforms that not only have free streaming, but some free downloads as well. I think music should be shared. Thank you to all of my wonderful and supportive friends both near and far. You have made the journey worth it.

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