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What is Your Favorite Story About Your Mom?

I have to start by saying…I realize some of you may not find this funny…but if you truly knew my parents (and especially my Mother) you will be laughing by the end…I promise.

My family was small but mighty. Everyone who saw us interact was usually hysterically laughing by the end of the evening. We were a crazy, emotional, warm, loving and very funny bunch. One of my closest friends equated it to a comedy hour, and another friend thinks I should write a screenplay based on me and my Mom.

My parents met later in life. My Dad was 40 years old when I was born. I realize by today’s standards that’s not very old, but back then it was different and most of my parents friends had teenagers when I was a baby.

Neither of my parents ever thought they would marry. My Dad had no desire. He was certain he knew what he wanted his life to be like and then along came my Mom. You know the saying “Men plan. God laughs.” It’s the honest to God truth.

My Mother always wanted to get married and have a child but she never thought it would happen.

They dated for quite some time. They didn’t have much money so when the wedding was rolling around my Mom wanted to keep it simple but elegant. She was so excited…

She was also scared to death.

The morning of the wedding my Mom was so nervous she couldn’t eat a thing. Some brilliant person gave her a tranquilizer. Then my Mom decides to have a martini. And then another. And perhaps one more after that (don’t quote me…I wasn’t there.)

All I know, after they took their vows people were mingling. Dancing. Eating. But my Mother was no where to be found.
Eventually…my Aunt discovered her sleeping on the floor of the bathroom at the hall.

A few people tried to wake her up…but from what I’ve been told she told everyone she was ‘extremely comfortable and to enjoy the wedding.’

My Dad wasn’t upset nor was he concerned. He knew her so well and found the whole thing rather funny.

The end of the night was rolling around and my Dad decided it was time to go home.

He went into the ladies room, picked her up, and carried her out the door…all the while people yelling to my Mom to “feel better, it was a beautiful affair, congratulations, we love you, goodnight.”

They went home. My Dad watched The Odd Couple. Quite the romantic wedding night? …lol. (And it is just so fitting and so ironic because that’s truly what they were. ) They actually were the odd couple! They were Oscar and Felix. George and Gracie. Usually laughing and truly adoring one another.

The next day rolls around and it’s time for the honeymoon in Puerto Rico. It rained for two weeks straight. The day they left the sun came out. Once again, they laughed about it, because as I said…it was all just very fitting. I learned how vital it is to always keep your sense of humor…one of the many lessons they taught me that I carry with me now.

If you asked me a hundred times to tell you a hundred different stories about my Mom, it wouldn’t be a challenge in the least. They both were excellent subjects. They were truly the most amazing people I have ever known.

I’ve included a picture. They got married August 31 1969. They had absolutely no idea that the biggest musical event in history was going on at the exact same moment that they were getting married…

Had I been there, I would have told them.



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