When will I Stop Obsessing over Getting Revenge Against my Abusive Malignant Narcissistic Ex? My Quest for Vengeance is Consuming Me and I Don’t Know How to Stop It.

You have to let it go.

I understand that some of you are saying to yourselves ‘how do you let go of a person who tried to destroy your life in every possible way?’ I felt like that too…

But you have to let it go.

I am in no way saying you must forgive the guilty parties involved. Forgive yourself for allowing this in your life.

Then let it go.

One day you won't think about this person any longer. You will not feel the need for revenge. You will realize (as hard as it is to believe) that the universe keeps track of everything. Karma is a very real thing. Many people view Karma as a punishment. That's not really it at all. If you are really curious about the true definition of Karma, read the Buddhist and Hindu definitions, though every religion and culture has their own versions and views where Karma is concerned, those two resonate with me the most…Karma is about learning the lesson. Because that's what this all was. And the narcissist must learn their lesson as well, and if they do not, there is a certain bit of punishment involved but mostly they are doomed to repeat the same, miserable, empty, vapid life over and over again. Anyone who believes that a narcissist is happy in any way is wrong. As bad as they tried to make us feel, they feel ten times worse. Trust me, I am not saying to feel sorry for them in the slightest, just know that while they may exude a happy, boastful, all consuming love affair with themselves, it's all a lie. I actually call it The Big Lie. They absolutely loath themselves and will never be okay…we actually will be okay…

Massive success is the best revenge.



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Ellen M. Lerner

Ellen M. Lerner


My name is Ellen.. I have been a Singer-Songwriter most of my life...however, I wear many hats. The most important thing is that I am a survivor. And a writer.